Bell's Brewery General Store, May 2017 https://store.bellsb ... g-tin-sign

You keep your draft lines as clean as any reputable pub, so it’s about time your home bar gets the credit it deserves! The truest sign of great taste? This time, it’s a literal sign, just like the pros, in embossed tin that rocks the updated Bell’s Inspired Brewing® logo in signature black and gold. Impress both the most sophisticated and casual connoisseurs alike, and then share those tasty brews like the good neighbor you are.

Just be careful where you display this beauty, because if it’s visible from the street, you might just end up with a line forming around the block…

But hey, if that’s your jam, then why not turn up the curb appeal and build your very own Bell’s-branded tin man. Let him move into the shed and build a little life for himself. Maybe start a tin family. Just give the poor guy a heart, for Pete’s sake.