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The dreaded jinx. You never know when it may strike.

Perhaps you’re driving along with your family and you let the smallest, fate-tempting wisecrack slip from your lips. Not that you’ve ever been particularly superstitious, but knocking on wood is customary in many parts of the world. And you wouldn’t want to doom an entire carful of your fellow humans in the name of brazen folklore-defiance. If only there had been some small wooden surface on-board to save you all…

But alas! Bell’s sold you those rad wooden sunglasses, and “Knock! Knock!”, the curse can be averted. You and your carful of passengers may go on to live happily ever after.

See, you thought they were just the coolest shades in all the land. Sole purpose of looking awesome, with the minor perk of shielding your eyeballs from those damaging UV rays. But see, the Bell’s-branded, wood grain look also offers bona fide jinx-protection. Never be without a wooden, or wooden-looking (let’s be real, it’s better that it’s plastic) surface to knock upon in the event of an impending jinx.

Protect yourself and your family. Buy Bell’s branded wooden sunglasses for everyone you know and love. Stay safe.