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Honestly, you don’t even have to put any beer in this laser-etched Bell's Inspired Brewing® six-pack carrier. You can pass the whole weekend just putting it together and taking it back apart again, because who doesn’t love a good old fashioned brain teaser?

Just beware, this laser-cut wooden gem has been known to lead its users down a puzzling path of DIY craftiness.

One minute you’re thinking, “Gee-whiz! How neat that I get to build this AMAZING six-pack carrier all by myself! And I won’t look like a bum whilst transporting my tasty craft beer from point A to B.” And you’re so right!

The next thing you know you’re swiping your nephew’s toy blocks and building a city for yourself and your tiny mini-figurine friends, barricaded in the basement and subsisting off of stockpiled Bell’s Expedition Stout. Which is fine, it ages beautifully, thanks for asking. It’s a good thing you bought all those DIY wooden six-pack carriers and filled them with beer before you began your slow descent into madness.

So you know what? On second thought, just assemble and fill with beers. Repeat. Maybe buy two.