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That smell… her. The one that got away. You wouldn’t dare let the laundromat take this one last vestige of love lost from you. Three distinctly dirty blonde hairs are still woven into the soft and cozy fabric of that perfectly roomy hood. The first time her shoulders scrunched up as the sun went down…

“You’re shivering. Here, take my favorite Two-Hearted sweatshirt. The raglan sleeves are awesome, don’t you think?”

She giggled. That laugh. You can still hear it echoing in the recesses of your tenderest memories.

Months passed. Dinners rolled into breakfasts. Netflix accounts merged. Your favorite hooded sweatshirt became her favorite hooded sweatshirt. “Me” grew to “we”, “I” into “us”.

She did look adorable in that flawless combo of heather green and charcoal grey. The orange Two-Hearted logo really brought out the matching bottle cozy in her hand. Sometimes you’d wrap your arms around her, just to feel the soft, cuddly embrace of your favorite fleece. Man, you loved that sweet, cozy pullover. She totally hogged it.

So maybe the “it’s me or the sweatshirt” ultimatum was ill-conceived, but at least you have your beloved hoodie back. Probably worth it. That girl always stole your best stuff!

But hey, if it really means all that much to you, just buy another one. The logo’s new, so there’s your excuse.