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Yeah, we know why you’re here. We went and updated the logo on you, and now your trusty old Bell’s hoodie just doesn’t spark your flame the way it used to. This new logo, all streamlined and fresh, makes you feel things that maybe you can’t quite explain.

Sure, your old logo sweatshirt has stood by you through the years, sopping up errant rivulets of Two-Hearted as they dribbled down your chin. It’s okay, it happens to lots of guys (and gals). The tiny holes that became actually-kind-of-big holes, the lost drawstrings, the mystery stains… and now you’re wondering if maybe the mix of grease, grass, and god-only-knows-what-that-is have you thinking, “Shoot, is my favorite hoodie now a mere garage rag? How did we end up here?”

Don’t force your loved ones into staging an intervention. Spare us all the tears and “I” messages. This is the first step, and we’re glad you’re here.

Change is going to be good for you. But not too much change. Stick with the classic that only looks slightly different, but newer, softer, and stain-free (for now).

Bask in all of that fresh, hooded, heather grey glory. It’s all flooding back. Remember how it felt, the first time you touched the downy lining of that brand-new fleece? The pouch pocket is so roomy, and so not-stretched-out yet. Same with the wide, stretchy ribbing around the cuffs and hem. And how crisp and bright is that brand new Bell’s Inspired Brewing® logo?!

So soft, so cozy. You could curl up inside of it and sit on the couch, drinking the best craft beer, wondering how you ever let yourself go so far down the path of frumpiness. It’s okay, you can still visit old reliable the next time you mow the grass.