Interior Design How-To: White Wall Makeover

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I’m a very recent Chico transplant, so all of my free time lately has been devoted to unpacking boxes and trying to tackle the decor of my beloved new apartment. I have a pretty promising blank canvas, but there is one little wrench in my decorating system: my boyfriend.


Everyone warns you about moving in with your significant other: “Oh, he leaves his dirty socks on the floor!” Or: “The dirty dishes just sit in the sink and he never touches them!” But nobody warned me of this: he wants to help decorate. I thought that all men were just happy with television and a comfy chair, but my boyfriend made a very sincere request to be included in the process. It was kind of sweet, but then I realized what his help meant: no pink, no purple, no flowers, but a definite affinity for frat house chic (well, minus the chic…).

Hurdle #1: He works at a brewery, but instead of stocking the fridge, he wants to stock the walls with free beer posters. Once I stopped laughing and adamantly shaking my head, I got to thinking; it is his home too, so maybe I could hear him out and turn his tacky contributions into an eclectic collection of quirky wall art.


So my search began. I started checking out different framing ideas, which led me to a treasure trove of inspiration for creative wall decor.

These gorgeous displays manage to mix a variety of subjects on one wall without looking disjointed, but rather lend a classy vintage vibe to the room. In addition to the funky frames themselves, matting can add a lot of character to a piece, either with differing sizes, colors, or patterns.

Framed shopping bags prove that wall art can be made of any found objects just lying around your house. This one gives me hope that maybe even a beer poster can look artsy if given the right framework. Plus, you can afford to fill more shopping bags with the money you save on art!


Spacing is key to how your wall decor comes together. Have fun playing with different arrangements and don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, shapes, and colors on the same wall. It also helps to break up your newly framed artwork with other wall-friendly decor, like shelves, hooks, candles, sconces, clocks, mirrors, metal wall art…. the list goes on!

And hey, why should your feet have all the fun?!? Shoes as wall art is a clever DO for storage as well!

Who says the frames can’t step out and be the star of their own show!


So my empty white walls will taunt me no longer! What do you think? Is it possible to turn cheap and tacky into chic and classy?