Granny Goes Guerrilla: Yarn Bombing Rages On

LuLu*s Fashion Blog, 2011 ... -rages-on/

Remember how badass your grandma always looked, sitting there in her rocker, knitting afghans? Yeah, me neither. Which is why yarn bombing (guerrilla crochet, knit graffiti, yarnstorming, or any combo of the former…) is so freakin’ awesome. Sorry Nana.

The mother of the yarn bombing movement, Magda Sayeg, ambushed ninety-nine(!) trees with some shock and awe in Texas, the birthplace of warm and cozy graffiti.

This world-brightening practice has gone global, and it manifests itself in a variety of styles, from subtle pops of color against the drab landscapes of the world, to full-fledged assaults on cars, buses, phone booths, you name it!

Who knew knitting could be so awesome??? So rage on, knitters! I salute you!