How-To: Style Your Fall Scarves

LuLu*s Fashion Blog, 2011 ... l-scarves/

Finally, temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning, and scarves are busting their way out of my closet like bats out of hell. I’ve been anxiously counting the numbers as they drop off of my thermometer, all because I am a layer addict, and scarves are my drug of choice.


Now, that being said, I’m no expert at tying/wrapping/whatever-you-wanna-call-it-ing them. Several family members have asked me how to wear them properly, to which I reply: “Uh, I dunno. You just, like, wrap it and swirl and tug, and yeah…”. So, to satisfy not only my own curiosity, I went searching and found the best tutorial ever from Who What Wear, and recreated it here, with a few extra notes and tips for a flawless execution.


There are five styles to choose from: The Classic, The Boho, The Prep, The Modern, and The City. Yes, some of them are quite similar, but playing around with some subtle switch-ups keeps the boredom at bay.


How easy was that! So get experimenting, and remember, the perfect scarf styling lends itself to some serious tugging, pulling and fluffing, so feel free to fuss!


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