LEGOs Make a Home Sweet Home for Le-Ghosts

LuLu*s Fashion Blog, 2011 ... le-ghosts/

I’ve seen some cool uses for LEGOs,  but this just blows my mind. And since ’tis the season for spooks,  how perfect are these scary-movie-ready, Halloween-happpy, LEGO  masterpieces by MOC enthusiast, Mike Doyle. (New thing I learned today: MOC is an acronym for “my own creation,” which refers to any Lego creation designed and built without instructions).


Absolutely  stunning to look at, yes, but the fact that they are composed purely of  LEGOs, (no glue, no paint, just plastic toy bricks), makes these creepy  little houses the coolest thing around, and a feat of artistic  ingenuity. Whether it’s a mud-stricken manor, a freakish fallen  tree, or a weather-worn abode, Doyle’s creations are startlingly  realistic and more than worthy of a few “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s".