Stud Week: How Do We Like Our Muffins? Super Studded!

LuLu*s Fashion Blog, 2012 ... r-studded/

We’re all about rockin’ the studs on our duds, but who doesn’t love to sprinkle a few studmuffins into the mix? And because this summer is all about the superhero blockbuster, I’ve picked a few of the most superb, super-powered studmuffins for your viewing pleasure. So, ogle away! (And, for any comic book afficionados out there, for the sake of super simplicity, this list includes crime fighters, gods, aliens, and any other subcategory of “heroes” we may like to argue against).

The Good Ol’ Boys: They’re hunks. They fight for good, while looking good. Himbos….

Sensitive Genius Type: More substance than your average superhero studmuffin, and more IQ points too (but you wouldn’t like Bruce when he gets angry…).

Billionaire Playboy Genius: Hes got the brain, the brawn, and the big bucks!

Bad Boys: ‘Cause at the end of the day, Magneto is the baddest of the bad, Wolverine is the baddest of the good, and they’re both, hands down, the hunkiest of the hunks.


Now, shall we all go practice our damsel in distress acts?