Lilly Pulitzer Dress: Sun-Proof Dressing with SPF

Kylen Every Wear, 1/30/2017

I mentioned last week that I’m not really a beach person, and while I appreciate the beauty of the ocean and the coastline that comes with it, when sunbathing = sunburning, you kind of have to find your own way to enjoy (or avoid) it. Read: NO laying out. Ever. I feel like this meme totally captures the plight of ultra-fair-skinned beachgoers like me. While all the beach babes around me were getting bronzed, there I was blending into the white sand beaches instead. I can’t tan at allAnd I mean, at all. The constant stress of sunscreen-slathering just to avoid the red-and-peel-y result is not worth it. Because really, without the beach-bronzed payoff, laying out is basically just hot, sweaty sizzling on the sand. No thanks. Not for me!

As a genuine sixth-generation Floridian, I had a hard time coming to terms with my eternal lack of melanin. Fielding the “but you just don’t look like you’re from Florida” comments got old, let me tell you. Growing up, I couldn’t wait to get out of Naples and run off to college somewhere far away from the sun, sand, and judgment. But really, all that time away made me appreciate the beauty of Naples even more. And now that I’m back in my beloved hometown, I’m embracing Florida style, just with a superior SPF and style strategy!

One of the major perks of being back home is the glorious Naples sunset. There’s nothing like it. It’s enough to make me brave the beach! I might not be here to sunbathe, (still never gonna happen), but I can be stylish instead! For those of us who must slather on the SPF just walking to the mailbox and back, this Lilly Pulitzer dress is a total godsend. Not only are the bright pink pineapples absolutely apropos for Florida’s shoreline, but this chic little shift dress actually has UPF 50+ sewn right in! Seriously, why can’t my entire wardrobe be this conscientious? Sunglasses are another must for the sun-conscious lady, and the wood trim on these Ray-Bans makes the classic Clubmaster look very fresh. And I do believe the sleek simplicity of these thong sandals from Joie look just as cute in hand as they do on feet! The real MVP of this ensemble, though? Sunblock!